How Do I Begin

*Please read through the following list entirely before submitting your mentoring application.*

  1. Applicants must have at least 34 hours of course work completed.
  2. Read the Mentoring Handbook. (Copies are also available in the Mentoring Office).
  3. With consideration to your vocational calling, identify a ministry, program, or organization with which you would like to deepen your understanding through mentoring.
  4. Connect to the Special Opportunities page for a listing of ministries, programs, and organizations in which fellow students have completed their mentoring experience (this is only a suggested list of opportunities).
  5. Select a mentor. You may contact a Mentor listed for your organization if it is listed on the Special Opportunities page, or select an individual from the organization who meets criterion for becoming a Mentor (see requirements).
  6. Select a Professor of Record.
  7. Complete and submit the Mentoring Application.
  8. Complete and submit your Mentoring Syllabus (not required for CPE, Military Chaplaincy, and MSW).
  9. Register for Mentoring 7V00

George W. Truett Theological Seminary