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Magnolia Bible Church

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The primary purpose of the Children's Ministry Director is to introduce young people to Christ; to disciple them in spiritual growth, and to train them in serving Christ with their life. Of equal importance is to assist parents or guardians in raising their children to wholesome spiritual maturity. The Children's Ministry Director works directly under the immediate supervision of the Lead Pastor.
Develop the overall children's ministry of Magnolia Bible Church. Recruiting and training lay leaders, while providing coaching and oversight through-out.
Participate in worship services when requested.
Establishing and reaching ministry milestones.
Regularly attend church events.
Continued growth and development through conferences, reading, and exchange of ideas with others.
Serve at the discretion of the Lead Pastor.
Program Oversight:
Provide oversight of children's staff. Assure the program maintains a balanced program of spiritual, physical, and social growth.
Be acquainted with personal lives of the young people (for example, visit homes, attend school events, and make hospital visits). This also includes being aware of culture.
Foster open communication with parents/guardians primarily through volunteers, or by other means of communication.
Further develop the large gathering as well as small groups.
Leadership Training:
Maintain effective leadership for each program. Provide support and assistance as required.
Provide formal (structured) and informal (by example) leadership training for the children's ministry staff.
Evaluate and make recommendations concerning teaching materials and methods used.
Be an advisor / resource for leaders throughout the church.
Bachelor's Degree
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