Urban Strategies

Clinicians conduct mental health assessments for all Unaccompanied Children (UC) in care, as well as provide ongoing individual and group counseling.
TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES• Utilize trauma theory and brief therapeutic techniques to work with unaccompanied children entering the United States during a typical stay of 30-35 days.• Provide individual and group counseling, and screening for human trafficking concerns.• Conduct mental health assessments of all children admitted to the UC program.• Provide ongoing individual and crisis intervention.• Prepare goal-oriented diagnostic assessments, group counseling, staff training and program enrichment.• Provide guidance to all members of the program staff. • The Clinician will carry up to 12 cases.• Upon request, this role may be required to travel with UC, 14 and under, to locations in the United States.• Other duties as assigned
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Urban Strategies
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