Associate Jr. High School Minister

First Baptist Church

Ministry Requirements:
* Applicant has a call to ministry.
* Applicant has a plan for personal spiritual development.
* Applicant has a desire for employment beyond semester-to-semester internships.
Ministry Description:
1. Coordinate with Connections Pastor to accomplish the following:
a. Oversee Sunday Morning Discipleship Groups with the use of adult volunteers;
b. Oversee and lead Wednesday Night Discipleship time for junior high school;
c. Plan and implement junior high school activities (special outings, mission projects, camps, retreats, etc.);
d. Work with current staff and high school associate in planning and implementation of activities, attending staff meetings and collaboration groups;
e. Help develop a plan of progression for students in our ministry.
2. Engage in Community Outreach through:
a. Maintaining regular communication to students and families;
b. Attending students' activities at the high school.
Some college
How To Apply

Kathy Painter
First Baptist Church
205 W. 8th St.
Plainview, TX 79072

George W. Truett Theological Seminary