Senior Adult Pastor

First Baptist Church

Senior Adult Pastor
Job Description
Position Description: The Pastor of Senior Adults will work under the direction of the Pastor of Ministries.
Primary Function: Give direction to the Senior Adult Council in providing a balanced ministry to adults age 70 and over.
1. Work with the Adult 70+ Council in planning an annual calendar of activities such as retreats, Bible Conferences, mission opportunities, community ministries, recreational outings and other appropriate events for Adults 70+.
2. Develop, Lead, and Participate in an on-going ministry of lay leaders to care for those in the hospital, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.
3. Maintain information of social services available to Adults 70+ through the church, and local, state and federal governments.
4. See that all events for Adults 70+ are approved on the calendar prior to announcing the events.
5. Confer with the Discipleship Pastor the Group Life classes needed for Adults 70+.
6. Encourage Adults 70+ to be involved in Group Life and Accountability Ministry.
7. Make sure the ministry needs of Adults 70+ are meet.
8. Provide information and direction to church members with counseling & mentoring needs.
9. Prepare and administer the appropriate budget categories.
10. Coordinate and encourage a service project ministry.
11. Accept other assignments as made by the Pastor of Ministries.
General Ministerial Duties
1. Perform other ministerial duties as assigned by the Pastor of Ministries including administer ordinances, conduct religious worship services, perform marriages, conduct funerals and visit the sick.
2. Work with appropriate committees and leaders in carrying out the Senior Adult Ministry of the church.
3. Create and Implement a Pastoral Visitation Process.
4. Attend staff meetings and retreats.
Master's Degree
How To Apply

Mike Ballard
First Baptist Church
3100 Cambridge Dr
Bryan, TX 77802-4613

George W. Truett Theological Seminary