Minister of music

Derbyshire Baptist Church

Job Description: Minister of Music
Role: The purpose of this position is the development and coordination of a fully graded choir program and such vocal or instrumental ensembles as may be feasible to provide appropriate music for the worship services and ministries of the church. Appropriate music is understood to be music that is scripturally and theologically sound. This music should impress the mind and touch the heart to inspire a positive response to the Gospel from people, and which is also used as a vehicle to offer praise, adoration, and supplication to
Responsible to: The Minister of Music is responsible to the pastor, the Personnel Committees, and the membership of the Derbyshire Baptist Church.
Responsibilities: • Oversee enlistment, development, and direction of all musical groups including, but not limited to: Children's Choirs (4 yr. old-gr. 6), IMAGE Youth Choir (gr. 7-12), Chancel Choir, Golden Tones Sr. Adult Choir, Young Musicians Handbell Choir (gr. 4-6), Ringing for Him Youth Handbell Choir (gr. 7-12), Master Ringers (adult) and Orchestra.• Supervise the selection and procurement of music.• Work with the Pastor to plan worship services.• Serve as worship leader, especially in the area of music.• Develop, maintain, staff, and evaluate the church's graded choir program.• Cultivate the musical talents of as many church members as possible.• Search for opportunities to develop new musical groups and numerically enlarge musical groups with the church.• Provide for the training of all music leaders.• Supervise the work of the church organist and pianist.• Provide leadership for graded choir volunteer directors.• Lead in the promotion of Christmas and other special musical evens – this is done in cooperation with the pastor, and the Communications Team.• Plan, develop, and administer the church music budget in cooperation with the Finance Committee, pastor, and staff administrator.
Master's Degree
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Derbyshire Baptist Church
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