Student / Youth Minister

First Baptist Church Fairview, TN

Full Time Student/Youth Minister
Job Description
Responsibilities:• Under the leadership of the Pastor, direct, coordinate, and organize the church ministry for students. • Recruit, train, and schedule volunteers (church members) to aid in the student ministry.• Examine and select curriculum for all student classes, programs, and events.• Attend and participate in staff meetings and committee meetings.• Coordinate annual youth ministry budget proposal and administer the approved budget.• Develop positive relationships with students and their parents.• Mentor students interested in furthering their knowledge of God’s Word and Service.• Incorporate and participate with youth in various church ministries.• Pray regularly for students. Regularly share the gospel with students.• Create student ministry calendar of events, service, etc.• Process all paperwork relating to Student Ministry events.• Attend school extracurricular activities (sports, concerts, plays, etc.) supporting the students.• Network with other leaders in the church community and all schools to support and strengthen student ministries.
Requirements:• Relationship with Jesus Christ. Display Christ-like approach and lifestyle; a constant example for students.• Affinity and calling to work with young people. • Understand needs and challenges of young people.• Strong conflict management skills and trouble response skills.• Excellent computer skills and knowledgeable about social media.• Available to work flexible hours (evenings and weekends).• Bachelor's degree in theology, biblical studies or youth ministry.• Become active member of First Baptist Fairview Church.
Bachelor's Degree
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Personnel Committee - Valerie Barr
First Baptist Church Fairview, TN
First Baptist Church Fairview, TN
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