Associate Pastor of Youth & Family

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church in Blanco is looking for someone who can continue to develop our ministry to students. After years of a volunteer-led ministry, we hired a full-time staff member. For the past three years he has faithfully developed a student ministry and has poured into student leaders but is transitioning to another church. We need someone with the vision to continue developing students, building relationships, and sowing the seed of the gospel throughout Blanco.
We are looking for someone who can provide leadership to this growing ministry, orchestrate volunteers, and work in the context of the church with a vision toward ministering to the entire family.
Just a few facts about the ministry. While we have a youth Sunday School class of about 15-20, Wednesdays will draw as many as 70-80. Many of these students come from unchurched (or dechurched) backgrounds. There is a great opportunity here to reach students and families with the gospel.
Bachelor's Degree
How To Apply

Bill Gernenz
First Baptist Church
P. O. Box 280
Blanco, TX 78606