Senior Pastor

Lakeside Church at Lake Oconee

Lakeside Church is seeking a full-time Senior Pastor who meets the following qualifications:• Fulfills the spiritual requirements of an elder.• Has received Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree or equivalent from an evangelical seminary (preferably Southern Baptist) and has served full-time as pastor, church staff, full-time ministry, or full-time missions for minimum of ten (10) years.• Exhibits a passion for God and a Christ-like spirit and these qualities will be evidenced in his personal life, his family relationships, and his ministry.• Nurtures his inner self through a disciplined life of daily fellowship with God in prayer and Bible study.• Endorses and supports “The Baptist Faith and Message” (2000) and the “Church Covenant and Statement of Faith” as stated in Lakeside Church Constitution and Bylaws.• Has the ability to accurately interpret the Scriptures and teach Biblical truths, communicate the programs of the church and organize to accomplish them, skillfully use vocabulary to generate enthusiasm. Has ability to have highly persuasive communication, and work with believers of all ages, diverse educational backgrounds, and levels of Biblical literacy to accomplish personal, group, and organizational goals.• Has capacity to envision the future and its possibilities. Possesses the leadership skills necessary to lead staff, Leadership Team, and the congregation.• Has the ability to be develop creative and original ideas and think abstractly. Exhibits an enthusiastic acceptance of new ideas. Demonstrates new and innovative ways of solving problems.
Resumes will be accepted through May 31, 2020. Inquires and resumes can be sent to Craig Johnson (Pastor Search Team Leader) at .
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