Immanuel Baptist Church

The Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church (IBC) serves as the preacher/teacher that proclaims the Word of God to the congregation and leader of the church. The Pastor is responsible for communicating our biblical purpose and mission of IBC and leading the Ministerial Staff and the Congregation. The Pastor oversees the corporate worship of the congregation, serves as the leader and supervisor of Ministerial Staff, and ensures that the day-to-day ministries of IBC are conducted in a timely manner. The Pastor gives reports to and works directly with IBC Deacons, Trustees, and Church Council to maintain the health and faithfulness of the church, leads by example and cultivates a positive spirit throughout the church family. The Pastor in this role should represent Jesus Christ and His church in the community at large and lead with integrity, courage and humility.
Master's Degree
How To Apply

Mary Martha Wiegand
Immanuel Baptist Church
4000 E FM 150
Kyle, TX 78640