Kodiak Community Baptist Church

The Pastor
1. Qualifications
The Pastor of this church shall be an ordained minister recognized (or qualified to be recognized) by the American Baptist Churches U.S.A. It is preferred that the Senior Pastor be a graduate of an accredited seminary with a Master of Divinity degree or equivalent. He/she shall demonstrate a good preaching ability. He/she shall exhibit a Christian character, a living example of compliance with the teachings of the Bible, and have a friendly, helpful, sincere attitude, reflective of Paul’s instructions in 1 Timothy, chapter 3 and Titus, chapters 1-3.
2. Role
The Pastor will perform all scriptural and necessary functions of the office, conducting such worship services as the church shall prescribe. The Pastor is accountable to the Executive Board for the duties outlined herein.
a. Worship (including but not limited to:)
- Preaching
- Worship leadership
- Worship creativity
- Congregational engagement
- Administration of ordinances
- Officiating at weddings and funerals
b. Teaching (including but not limited to:)
- Teaching (Bible Study, home groups and membership classes)
- Evangelism & Discipleship
- Equipping members for ministry including preparation for Sunday School teaching, home group leadership and engagement in the Church’s leadership structure.
c. Pastoral Care (including but not limited to:)
- Advancing the spiritual welfare of the Church
- Providing Pastoral Counseling for couples, individuals, families and/or groups
- Providing leadership along with the Church Council in establishing CBC’s Vision, fulfilling the churches mission, and developing the strategic plan.
d. Church Development (including but not limited to:)
- Providing leadership in establishing CBC’s Vision, fulfilling the church’s mission and developing the strategic plan.
- Identifying and encouraging church outreach.
- Engaging with and encouraging new ministry opportunities.
- Supporting other local ministries.
Master's Degree
How To Apply

Damon Hargraves
Kodiak Community Baptist Church
3259 Katmai Drive
Kodiak, AK 99615