Mission Northwest

Summary of position:
The role of the pastor is to be a fully committed believer in Christ Jesus and a servant-leader among servants. A primary role is to be a facilitator for the growth of Christ-centered faith in our church family by preaching and teaching the gospel, developing leadership, and casting vision. The pastor is to function in teamwork with the diaconate board as champion of the Church’s mission and vision in the community and beyond. The Pastor shall have direct supervision of the church paid and unpaid staff and, in consultation with the diaconate board, may enlist or hire, direct and remove from service any staff member. Our expectation is that any consideration of staff changes would be discussed with the diaconate board prior to any official actions. The senior pastor will be responsible for healthy church growth.
Senior Pastor is accountable for: Vision discernment and mission implementation
-Worship services
-Worship leadership
-Administration of ordinances
-Officiate at weddings and funerals of church members. Equipping the Saints for Ministry
-Teaching (small groups, Bible study, membership classes)
-Training leaders
-Evangelistic and ethical discipleship
-Training (providing for training so that followers of Jesus will also make disciples)
-Pre-marital counseling for church members
-Enable congregational care (training and encouraging members to care for each other as an example of their love for Christ -Heart 2 Heart)
Qualifications• Bachelors and master’s degrees or equivalent. • Minimum 5-10 years of experience in full-time ministry.• Previous ministry experience indicated by:
-Type and size of budget overseen
-Specific ministry responsibilities held
-Church attendance
Master's Degree
How To Apply

Patricia Duckworth
Mission Northwest
601 S Ross Point Road
Post Falls, ID 83854