Lead Pastor

Boulevard Baptist Church

Lead Pastor
Ministry Description
The Pastor is a minister to the entire congregation and is responsible for the general oversight of the work of the membership of the church, including the ministerial staff, and the motivating of the membership to fulfill its function in worship, proclamation, education and ministry. This will be accomplished through the following specific functions:
1. Minister to the members of the church, especially in crisis situations.
2. Lead the worship of the church.
3. Preach to the membership.
4. Provide leadership for the programs of the church in accordance with, and subject to, the Personnel Committee and its policy.
5. Motivate the membership.
6. Serve as Chief Administrator of the church, being directly responsible to the church, leading the ministerial staff in carrying out the activities, programs, and ministries agreed upon by the church.
7. Lead other staff members in projecting the work and programs of the church, both short and long range, to accomplish the objectives of the church in worship, education, ministry and proclamation.
8. Work with the Stewardship Committee in promoting the annual stewardship emphasis of the congregation.
Master's Degree
How To Apply

Joe Hillhouse, Chair of Pastor Search Team
Boulevard Baptist Church
700 Boulevard
Anderson, SC 29621