House Pastor

Project Transformation Indiana

This position is a great experience for young adults who are interested in young adult ministry, and those who have a desire to love and serve others during the summer.
Project Transformation Indiana hires college students to implement summer programming while living in an intentional Christian community.
Though the House Pastors do not run the summer day camps they do help to cultivate the intentional community component of the intern summer program. The role is like a ‘spiritual RA’ for our young adult intern community if you will. The ‘spiritual’ part of that comes from the pastoral work they do to cultivate the intentional Christian community the interns live in during those weeks and make this a supportive, nurturing community (modeling servant leadership, organizing fellowship activities, offering emotional/pastoral support). They also create a space for spiritual growth in this setting through planning and facilitating a weekly worship service, facilitating morning devotions, and leading a weekly small group. The ‘RA’ part of it comes from the more practical parts of community management (work with Project Transformation staff, oversee chores and maintenance issues, host dinner volunteers, disseminate information, etc.).
During the internship, there is housing provided at the University of Indianapolis, most of the meals are covered, and will receive a $3,500 stipend. Plus, there will an opportunity to gain a summer of hands-on ministry experience with college students.
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