Minister of Music

Trinity Baptist Church Katy, TX

Summary of Position
The Minister of Music is a full-time, called position within the church and will oversee the planning, coordination, and execution of the Music program and lead worship during services. Additionally, this position will serve as staff liaison to various administration areas of the church or as directed by the Senior Pastor.
Music•Direct the planning, organizing, conducting, and evaluating of a comprehensive music program in preparing groups, soloists and choirs for internal and external ministry•Supervise the work of the music ministry staff•Enlist and train leaders for the music ministry•Work with the pastor in selecting music for regular and special worship services – including weddings, funerals, and special projects•Coordinate the music program with the organizational calendar and emphases of the church•Lead weekly Adult choir practice•Prepare an annual music budget for approval and administer the budget•Select and order, as appropriate, choral and band music•Monitor the purchasing, maintenance and replacement of all music-related equipment, supplies and instruments •Direct congregational singing at all regularly scheduled worship services•Plan and arrange an “Order of Service” for worship services•Cooperate with associational and state leaders in promoting activities of mutual interest
Admin Duties•Maintain regular office hours•Maintain regular visitation hours and assist with in-house ministry and outreach as directed by the Senior Pastor
Qualifications•Must have five (5) years’ church music experience •Must be able to articulate and affirm a position on orthodox Christian beliefs and Trinity Baptist Church core values •Be knowledgeable of and comfortable with church music in all forms and styles for the congregation, choirs (adult, teen, and children), vocalists and instrumentalists •Is proficient in at least one performance area (e.g. keyboard, choral, voice) •Be able to work in harmony with all staff members•.Become TBC member
Master's Degree
How To Apply

Trinity Baptist Church Katy, TX
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