Senior Pastor

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

The ministry of the senior pastor will concentrate in the following areas. It is understood that it may also involve other pastoral and administrative duties as assigned by the church.
1. Serve as the chief preacher/teacher/theologian of the church and give first priority to the study of God’s Word in preparation for his preaching/teaching ministry.
2. Direct the pastoral care of the congregation, along with the ministerial staff and deacons.
3. Be responsible for directing all worship services, including the observance of the church ordinances, and special services. All decisions concerning the worship services are final with him.
4. Serve as the chief administrator of the church, give leadership for the total church program, supervise the church staff and develop goals for the ministry of the church.
5. Serve as an evangelist and lead the congregation in seeking the salvation of the lost and nurturing of the saved.
6. Be responsible for the pulpit ministry of the church. He alone has the final say on who fills the pulpit on any given Sunday.
7. Serve as a church denominational representative to the local association, state convention and to the Southern Baptist Convention.
8. Act as the moderator of all church business meetings. In his absence, he will appoint someone to moderate for him.
9. Recommend salary adjustments to the personnel committee and coordinate with the personnel committee concerning staff administration. This may include annual performance reviews of the church staff.
10. Make appropriate recommendations for staff hiring and dismissals.
11. Serve as ex-officio member of all committees of the church.
12. Submit an annual ministry report to the church in January of each year.
Master's Degree
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