Senior Pastor

Colonial Hill Baptist Church

Spiritual Duties
1. Spiritual Leader and overseer of the church
2. Lead all staff in praying together on a regular basis
3. Preach and teach the Gospel to the church and community
4. Prepare Biblical sermons and lessons
5. Cooperate with the minister of music in planning worship services
6. Work with the church staff in planning special programs such as revivals, discipleship programs, and bible studies
7. Work with the WMU in preparing special emphases for state, home and foreign missions
Admin Duties
1. Provide administrative leadership for the entire program of the church
2. The pastor may delegate some responsibilities to other staff and members- such as supervision of ministry assistants, custodian, and yard maintenance
3. Serve as moderator of church business meetings
4. Meet monthly with the deacons unless the church staff is excused from the meetings
5. Work with special committees, deacons, and personnel in the selection and calling of church staff members and employees
6. With the help of church staff, the Pastor is to prepare a well-planned church calendar
7. Lead monthly staff meeting
1. Counsel with church members and others who request counseling
2. Refer persons with major psychological disorders to trained Christian counselors.
3. Pastor is not to spend an inordinate amount of time counseling, thereby neglecting his other church duties
Outreach Duties
1. Work with the minister of education in developing an aggressive church visitation program
2. Direct the youth minister to develop a youth visitation program
3. Emphasize Evangelism
4. The pastor with the staff will visit newcomers and inactive members
5. Visit the sick
6. Periodically visit the home bound persons and those in nursing homes
Denominational Duties
1. Attend Some convention programs as budget allows
Continue Education
1. Attend conferences, seminary, and programs which improve his skills or meet individual needs
Bachelor's Degree
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