Minister of Students

First Baptist Church of Universal City

Desired Skills and Experience:
-Prefer at least 5 years of full-time experience leading a student ministry.
-Should have a college degree. Master’s degree preferred.
-History of growing a student ministry.
-Ability to communicate and relate well with students and parents.
-Well organized and able to lead paid and volunteer leaders.
-Team player
Specific Responsibilities:
1.Organize and provide leadership for three main areas of student ministry:
a)Ministry to Students, grades 6-12
b)Ministry to Parents of Students
c)Ministry of leadership development for adults who serve in the student ministry
2.Study and evaluate the existing educational programs involving students of the Church; suggest and initiate changes as required to meet the needs of these groups.
3.Work with and through the leaders of existing Church program organizations and appropriate committees to plan, coordinate, conduct and evaluate educational, social/recreational, spiritual growth, training and service activities for the assigned ministry groups.
4.Organize and provide leadership for a youth outreach ministry through the Sunday School that supports the church-wide outreach ministry.
5.Serve as counselor for students and their families as required.
6.Supervise the staff member responsible for Recreation Ministries as that member:
a)Develops a ministry team that provides for church-wide opportunities for fellowships and recreation.
b)Determines the need for additional ministry opportunities in the area of fellowships and recreation.
7.The Minister will keep current on student education, administration, and promotion through personal study and attendance at training conferences.
8.The Minister will work with the Finance Committee in budgeting and expending funds for the assigned ministry areas.
9.The Minister will perform pastoral ministry duties such as home and hospital visitations, counseling, pulpit ministry, as directed by the Executive Pastor.
Master's Degree
How To Apply

Donna Lochte
First Baptist Church of Universal City
1401 Pat Booker Rd
Universal City, TX 78148