Family Minister

ClearView Church

ClearView Church is seeking a minister to families and students. This individual will take lead in ministry aimed at children (birth-elementary), students (middle-high school), and parents. We would also consider applicants interested in focusing on one area - children or students - if the applicant’s education/experience is compelling.
Who We Are:
ClearView is a non-denominational church in Shreveport, Louisiana that started in 2010. We’ve grown each year, from a launch group of 40 to a current membership around 200. Our members come from a wide array of backgrounds, and our demographic skews young (20’s-40’s).
We are forever shaped by four commitments:
Family: We are better together
Grace: God meets us where we are
Others: It’s not about us
Transformation: It’s one step at a time
Our Approach to Family Ministry:
We consider ourselves an orange church. We believe in the unique potential of a church and a family partnered together to influence the next generation.
Candidates should email a resume to
We are looking for someone - male or female - who is a follower of Christ, has a heart for the church, a bachelor’s degree, and relevant experience (minister, educator, or similar).
Bachelor's Degree
How To Apply

John Hawkins
ClearView Church
4830 Line Ave. #333
Shreveport, LA 71106