Pastor of Great Commission International Church

Great Commission International Church

The pastor will oversee the life and direction of the church through the means of 1) being the main person responsible for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ, 2) engaging in pastoral care to meet the needs of persons in the church and community, 3) act as the chief administrator of ministerial and vocational staff, 4) provide leadership in planning and executing Christian Education and discipleship training programs, 5) coordinate and lead church meetings and other activities to discuss, clarify and execute ministry goals and objectives, 6) monitor the spiritual pulse of the congregation through review and accountability, 7) oversee ministries by delegating tasks accordingly, 8) oversee church building upkeep and maintenance, and properly and honestly managing the church budget and allocating funds. The pastor shall, with God's direction, guide and mobilize the congregation into the vision, values and mission of the church; develop, encourage and appoint leaders into areas of ministry which match their spiritual gifts; and ensure that the systems, practices and policies of the church responsibly and effectively support its ministry activities. Strong interpersonal skills, a respect for ecumenism, an openness to a diversity of ethnicities and cultures, and good conflict management skills are needed for the successful applicant. This person will oversee the pastoral care needs of an ethnically and traditionally diverse congregation and share with lay leaders of the church in hospital visitation, home visits, counseling, marriages and funerals. This person must be ordained to church ministry by a recognized Protestant denomination.
Master's Degree
How To Apply

Rev. James Riggins
Great Commission International Church
2/17-18 Phayaseuer Road
Phitsanulok, Thailand, Other 65000