World Christianity and Witness


The World Christianity and Witness Graduate Certificate is designed for students interested in taking the Gospel to the nations. Students in this program are studying in the areas of global missions, urban missions, church planting, or strategic research and planning and have the opportunity to learn from seasoned missionaries who have returned to teach and train the next generation to fulfill the Great Commission.

MDiv Core Curriculum 72
World Christianity and Witness Graduate Certificate 12
WOCW 7376 The Story of Missionary Expansion of Christianity 3
WOCW 7380 Biblical and Theological Themes for Witness 3
WOCW 7383 Cross Cultural Living and Communication 3
Choose one of the following: 3
WOCW 7382 Principles, Methods, and Strategies
WOCW 7388 Evangelism: A Contextual Approach
WOCW 7381 Religion and Worldviews
Elective 3
Total Hours 87

George W. Truett Theological Seminary