Spiritual Formation Courses

Spiritual Formation courses at Truett include seminar-style classroom teaching, assigned readings, individual practice of Christian spiritual disciplines, personal reflection, and participation in small fellowships called covenant groups. All masters-level students will progress through three semesters of Spiritual Formation course work and, in their fourth semester, participate in a retreat.

Covenant groups consist of six to eight students, who, ideally, remain together for all four semesters of formation work, moving through the program together. Covenant groups follow the course curriculum, practice the Christian spiritual disciplines, read assigned texts, and discuss experiences with God. Within the Spiritual Formation program, students are also given space to share their testimony, pray with other students, and to encourage, support, and spur others on to love and good deeds. The program aims to instruct students in the practice of listening to and discerning God’s voice and assists in discerning a vocation, or where God is leading in life and ministry.

Master of Divinity Students are eligible to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship during their course of study, while Master of Arts students may choose a Concentration in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship.

George W. Truett Theological Seminary