Room Reservations

Reservation Instructions

The following "Facility Guidelines" document contains Truett Seminary's usage policies and procedures for facility reservations. Please read through the entire document before making your reservation request.

  • Facility Guidelines

  • Request for Facility Reservations Form
    Please note that this form is only a request. You will receive a follow-up email to acknowledge receipt of your request. After the facilities guidelines documents are completed, a confirmation of your reservation will be emailed to you.

  • Event Technology Request Form
    This form should be completed after you have submitted the Request for Facility Reservations. All A/V equipment requests must be submitted no later than three business days prior to your event. If you are requesting an Event Technology Representative to be present during the event, your request must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event.

NOTE: Room reservations are limited to single-day events requiring only one set-up and using only the Chapel, the Great Hall, Room 107 and/or Room 309.

Room Diagrams

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