To graduate from Truett Seminary, all students must complete their required coursework, submit the necessary lifelong learning credits (LLLs), and participate in covenant groups.

Instructions for Prospective Graduates

Students should file for graduation at least one semester prior to the semester they intend to graduate. Students may file up to a year before their anticipated graduation date. The deadline to file for graduation is the last class day of the semester prior to your graduation term. (For example, May 2021 prospective graduates must file by December 2020).

Why File for Graduation?

Filing for graduation informs Academic Services and the Baylor Registrar of your intent to graduate. Filing allows our office to monitor your academic progress in your last year, ensuring that you are taking the correct classes to complete your degree. It also gives you preferential consideration in case you are waitlisted for a class that you need to graduate. In addition, filing for graduation on time allows Academic Services adequate time to order diplomas for our graduating class.

Students may currently file for graduation for these terms:
August 2020
December 2020
May 2021

Checklist for Prospective Graduates:
  • File for graduation by completing a GRADUATION FORM at least one semester prior to your intended graduation date.
  • If the date of your anticipated graduation has changed, fill out a GRADUATION DATE CHANGE NOTIFICATION FORM.
  • Order Regalia - Prospective graduates can order their regalia by directly contacting the Baylor Bookstore.
  • Update your prospective graduation date in the Lifelong Learning database.
    • M.Div graduates need 200 LLL credits to graduate.
    • MACM and MTS graduates need 132 LLL credits to graduate.
  • Complete and submit all LLL credits one week prior to the last day of class.
  • Run a degree audit and confirm that all degree requirements are met.
  • Ensure that all incomplete coursework or mentoring assignments are turned in one week prior to the last day of class (or by the deadline that your professor requires).
  • Respond to all graduation-related emails.