Degree Planning

The Office of Academic Services has created Degree Completion Plans to assist our students in degree planning and completion. Plans offer a suggested schedule of courses to take each semester to complete your degree. You may pick up a copy of a Degree Completion Plan in the Academic Services Office in 205 or download your degree completion plan here.

You are required to complete the degree plan under the catalog year that you entered Truett. You may update to a new degree plan but you may not go back to an old plan once you have done so.

Language Requirements:

  • Master of Divinity students are required to take between 12 - 15 hours of Biblical Languages, including:
    • Greek 1 and 2
    • Hebrew 1 and 2
    • Greek Readings or Hebrew Readings (for students who began Truett prior to summer 2019)
  • If you are in your second year of seminary and have not registered for Biblical languages, you need to start taking at least one course of Biblical languages each semester in order to meet your language requirements for graduation. Don’t wait until your last year of Seminary to start taking your Biblical Languages!

Declaring a Concentration:

  • Master of Divinity students declare a concentration when they apply to Truett Seminary. A concentration is an area of ministry focus that allows a student to follow a structured selection of classes to offer the student courses in a particular area of ministry. If you desire to change your concentration after you have started your seminary degree, you may do so by submitting a Degree or Concentration Change form to the Office of Academic Services.
  • Please note that once you have changed your concentration, you will now be responsible for all the degree program requirements listed in the catalog year in which your change is made. Students must submit concentration change before they have achieved 60 hours of their Master of Divinity program.
  • MTS, MACM, and MDiv dual degree students do not have a concentration.
  • Learn more information about Truett's concentrations

Requesting a Permit:

Certain classes at Truett Seminary require permits to allow students to register.  If you attempt to register for a class and are unable to do so,  a permit may be required.  Permits are granted for :

  • Mentoring
  • Professor approval - required for any course that occurs off campus or requires professor approval
  • Prerequisites - required when a student has been granted the opportunity to take a course without first completing the prerequisites
  • Time conflict overrides
  • Overloads (for joint degree students taking 18 hours or more)
  • Repeat Course Override - for students who must repeat a class due to failure or withdrawal

Please contact Nancy Floyd or Jo Ann Reinowski in Academic Services for help with permits.