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Feb 16
Ministers' Taxes 101 This workshop will cover topics including: defining who a "Minister for Tax Purposes" is, learning how Social Security rules apply, and determining a minister's housing allowance.
Jan 26
Understanding your Financial Personality How does your culture of origin, as well as the culture you minister in, impact your view on Finances?
Jan 28-29
2nd Annual Financial Wellness Conference (2016) Exploring Simplicity, Contentment & Abundance
Bill Wilson - Founder of the Center for Healthy Churches
Nov 12
Bi-Vocational Ministry Workshop Dr. Ira Antoine, Jr. - Coordinator of Bi-Vocational Ministry for the BGCT
Oct 1
Cultivating a Culture of Generosity in Your Church Brad Leeper - President and Principal of Generis
Apr 9
Navigating the Church Job Search Todd Rhoades - &
Mar 19
Student Loan Repayment Seminar Carol Moyer - Baylor University
Feb 19
Ministers' Taxes 101 Mike Harris of Guidestone
Jan 22-23
1st Annual Financial Wellness Conference (2015) Approaches to Financial Wellness
Heritage Financial, LLC
Sep 29
Compensation Planning: From Start to Finish (2014) Frank & Elaine Sommerville