Why Get a Job?


Fill out your resume before graduation. After all, how else do you think you’re getting that dream job? Sure, working in the library or the cafeteria might not directly have anything to do with your intended field, but it will tell prospective employers that you have what it takes to be employed and working.

Social Life

It might sound weird, but your social life will benefit from an on-campus job. When you’re pulled out of your dorm room or off-campus place, you are mingling with other students, professors, and your co-workers. Additionally, the more time you spend on the campus, the more likely you are to learn about and get involved in on-campus events and groups.


Work-study programs and other on-campus jobs are better than those off-campus because they are designed for students like you. While off-campus jobs might expect you to work six- and even eight-hour shifts, on-campus jobs allow you to work an hour or so between classes.


Especially if you’re starting your first year of school, you might find that you’re still pretty dependent on your parents. With this job, you’ll learn about scheduling and your limits. You’re a big college student now — it’s time to grow up!


Last but not least, the money! Sure, there’s the “poor college student” stereotype, but there are plenty of things you’ll want and need when in college. You can earn extra spending money or start a savings account (if you don’t have one already).

What is Experiential Learning and Why it is Important?

From Educational Advisory Board (EAB) article Reimaging ""Experiential Learning, Skill-Building Opportunities Outside the Classroom"

"Students can and are developing high-demand skills through co-curricular involvement, including student organizations, Greek life, student leadership, volunteer opportunities, and campus employment, but many students don’t access these opportunities and those that do often struggle to articulate the concrete or transferable value of their experiences to prospective employers."

Student Employment

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