Job Descriptions and Monitoring Work

Job Descriptions

Each student employee position should have an accompanying job description, which articulates roles, responsibilities, and skill sets necessary to perform the work. The job description serves not only as a tool to meet Federal Work-Study Program requirements but is also a best practice to establish articulated expectations between the student and the supervisor. The Office of Student Employment will be collecting all job descriptions to both meet record retention requirements and also establish and maintain a database of student jobs going forward. Common student employee job descriptions are maintained by the Office of Student Employment. If you or your department need assistance creating or revising a student worker job description, please reach out to the Office of Student Employment.

Requirements for Job Descriptions

  • name of the position;

  • classification of the position

  • name and address of the students employer

  • department or office in which the student will be employed;

  • location where the student will perform his/her duties;

  • name of the students supervisor;

  • purpose/role of the position within the organization;

  • duties and responsibilities associated with the position

  • rates of pay for the position

  • general qualifications for the position and the specific qualifications for the various levels/rates of pay associated with the position; and

  • the length of the student’s employment (beginning and ending dates).

Monitoring Work

The supervisor's responsibilities for the student employee’s work should include but are not limited to, limiting student work hours to the number approved and ensuring student work duties are limited to only those assigned by the supervisor and in accordance with the job description and as part of Baylor official functions. Almost all students are limited to working no more than 20 hours a week by Baylor policy. If University policy is violated and a student works over 20 hours per week, Federal regulations require the University to collect the exact hours worked and pay the student for those hours. To prevent violation of overtime wage laws and in accordance with policy, students who work are working during periods of non-enrollment are not permitted to work more than 40 hours a week; however, they are prohibited from working overtime. For questions concerning job duties or work hours, please contact the Office of Student Employment.

This document/website does not, and other associated documents or websites, establish or extend any contractual rights to student employees. All student employees are “at-will” employees.


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