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General Information

All materials for digital signage display must receive approval from the Assistant Director of Campus Programs or designee. Materials for submission will be accepted by:

� SUB TV�s online Slide Request Form

All submissions must have the name, phone number, and email contact information of the individual making the submission.


� Completed slides must be requested at least one week prior to being placed on the digital signage play list/scheduler and will be scheduled for a two-week period dependent upon demand.
� Materials must reference the sponsoring organization/department in the slide/ video.
� Each submission must not to exceed 2 slides.

Submitted slides must be in .png or .jpeg image file. The dimensions must be:

1920px x 1080px HD
Landscape orientation
Fonts are a minimum of 12 points and maximum of 96 points.

� The length each slide will display will be up to the determination of the Assistant Director of Campus Programs or designee.
� Submitted materials must be one of the following three categories: Baylor approved on/off campus events; general student information; student services.

Priority of Playlist/Scheduler

Priority of presentation of material is given in the following order:

1. The Department of Student Activities.
2. Baylor University recognized and registered student organizations.
3. Entities and Departments within the Division of Student Life.
4. Baylor University departments.
5. Baylor University vendors.

Regulation Enforcement

Baylor University and its appointed administrators reserve the right to refuse approval for any submitted material that is not compatible with the University�s mission and vision.


Use of the digital signage system is at no cost to Baylor University recognized and registered clubs and organizations; entities and departments within the Division of Student Life; Baylor University departments.