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When is All-Univeristy Sing?

All-Univeristy Sing is the last two weekends of February.

How many groups can participate in All-Univeristy Sing?

Up to 20 groups are able to sign up for All-University Sing.

Do you have to be in a Greek organization to be in All-University Sing?

No, any registered organization or any group of people who wish to organize solely to participate in All-University Sing can sign up.

How many groups perform at Pigskin Revue?

The top eight groups from Sing are invited back to perform at Pigskin Revue.

When is Pigskin Revue?

Pigskin Revue is performed during Homecoming Weekend.

When is After Dark?

After Dark is held during Family Weekend

Is After Dark a competition?

No, After Dark is an all-university variety show that features top student talent.

When is StompFest?

Traditionally, StompFest is the first weekend of April.

Who coordinates StompFest?

StompFest is co-coordinated by StuPro and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

How do I sign up to participate?

Contracts are available on the Student Productions website for each production.

Where can I get tickets for these events?

Tickets are available in the BDSC (SUB) Ticket Office.

Where are the performances located?

All performances are held in Waco Hall.

What is Student Productions?

Student Productions coordinates the annual productions of All-University Sing, Pigskin Revue, StompFest and After Dark.

How can I join Student Productions?

Applications for Campus Programs are available online yearly at the end of January.