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Uproar Artist Performance Request

Artist Performance Request

Instructions: Welcome to the Uproar Network Performance Request! The Department of Student Activities welcomes requests for Baylor students to perform at events on and off campus. Below are the details we require in order to fulfill your performance request. Please allow 2 weeks notice prior to the event for us to process your request and recruit the appropriate student-artist.

For questions related to the Uproar Network, please contact the Department of Student Activities at (254) 710-2371 or visit

Name of Requesting Organization:
Baylor affiliated?
Yes No
Location of Event:
Contact Name:
Contact Number: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Contact Email:

Date of Event: xx/xx/xxxx
Start Time of Event:
: am pm
How many student-artists
would you like?

How long would you like the
student-artist(s) to perform?

hour(s) minutes
What style of music? (check all that apply)
Worship Acoustic Rock Country/Folk Classical Piano
Would you like visual art by Baylor students displayed?
Yes No
If so, what genre? (check all that apply)
Photography Painting Drawing Sculpture
Can the student-artist bring CD's to sell to the event?
Yes No
Other instructions/special requests: