Visit information

Faculty are available to meet with students or prospective students to discuss the department’s undergraduate and graduate programs.  To schedule a meeting for this purpose, click on the “Schedule a Visit” link.   Please note that meeting must be scheduled one complete business day in advance.  If the request is made less than one business day before desired time, there is no guaranty that requested time will be honored.  A request submitted on a university holiday or on the weekend, will not be considered until the following business day.


For Baylor students enrolled in a statistics course, the Statistics Tutoring Lab offers free statistics tutoring from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM in room GL51 of the Marrs McLean Science Building.   The Tutoring Lab is closed on weekends, including Friday afternoons, during university holidays, during Final Exams, and during the summer.  Please do not use the link below to schedule a visit for tutoring.  These requests will not be honored.


The department also houses a Statistical Consulting Center to offer statistical consulting services to members of the University, government, and industry.  More information is provided on the Statistical Consulting Center web site. 

The Center for Statistical Consulting is closed for the Fall 2019 semester as Dr. Jack Tubbs, the Center's consultant, is on sabbatical.