Spring 2017 Colloquium Series

Speaker Affiliation Title
Dr. Julie Bessac Postdoctoral Appointee in Mathematics and  Computer Science
Argonne National Laboratory
Stochastic Simulation of Predictive Space-   Time Scenarios of Wind Speed using Observations and Physical Model Outputs 
Dr. Vishesh Karwa Postdoctoral Fellow in Statistics
Harvard University
Exact Tests for Stochastic Block Models
Dr. Michael Scheurer Research Scientist
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Probabilistic Precipitation Type Forecasting based on Ensemble Forecasts of Vertical Temperature Profiles
Dr. Tanya P. Garcia Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and  Biostatistics
Texas A&M University
Robust Mixed-Effects Model for Clustered Failure Time Data: Application to Huntington's Disease Event Measures
Dr. David Morton Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences
Northwestern University
Stochastic Programming and Statistically Assessing Solution Quality
Dr. Michael J. Daniels Professor of Statistics & Data Sciences
UT Austin
Comparing Biomarkers as Trial Level General Surrogates
Dr. Matthias Katzfuss Assistant Professor of Statistics
Texas A&M University
Multi-Resolution Approaches for Big Spatial Data

Dr. Marc G. Genton & Dr. Ying Sun

King Abdullah University of Science and  Technology
Distinguished Professor & Assistant  Professor of Applied Mathematics and  Computational Science
Computational Challenges with Big Environmental Data; Total Variation Depth for Functional Data
Dr. Donald Richards Professor - Department of Statistics
Pennsylvania State University

Random Walks, Gambler's Ruin, and the Quest for Jack or Jill

 Statistical Properties of the Risk-Transfer Formula in the Affordable Care Act

Distance Correlation: A New Tool for Detecting Association and Measuring Correlation

Dr. Yingbo Li Assistant Professor of Mathematical Science
Clemson University
Bayesian Minimal Despcription Lengths for Multiple Changepoint Detection