Authors and Title Journal
Yoo-Mi Chin, Joon Jin Song, and James D. Stamey
"A Bayesian approach to misclassified binary response: Female employment and intimate partner violence in urban India"
To appear in
Applied Economics Letters
Lyndsay M. DiPetro, Steven G. Driese, Tyler W. Nelson, and Jane L. Harvill
"Variations in late Quaternary wind intensity from grain-size partitioning of loess deposits in the Nenana River Valley, Alaska" 
To appear in
Quaternary Research
Nicolas Rodriguez-Jeangros, Amanda S. Hering, Timothy Kaiser, and John McCray
"Fusing multiple existing space-time land cover products"
To appear in
Ying Sun, Amanda S. Hering, and Joshua M. Browning
"Robust bivariate error detection in skewed data with application to historical radiosonde winds"
To appear in
Phil D. Young, David J. Kahle, and Dean M. Young
"On the Independence of Singular Multivariate Skew-Normal Sub-Vectors"
Statistics & Probability Letters
Amy Buros, Jack D. Tubbs, and Johanna Van Zyl
"AUC Regression for Multiple Comparisons with the Jonckheere Trend Test"
To appear in
Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research
Phil D. Young, Dean M. Young, and Marsha M. Young
"A General Hermitian Nonnegative-Defnite Solution to the Matrix Equation AXB = C"
Advances in Linear Algebra & Matrix Theory
Paul Faya, James D. Stamey, and John W. Seaman, Jr.
"A Bayesian Approach to Determination of F, D, and z values used in Steam Sterilization Validation"
PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology


Authors and Title Journal
Xiang Zhang, Douglas E. Faries, Natalie Boystov, James D. Stamey, and John W. Seaman, Jr.
“A Bayesian sensitivity analysis to evaluate the impact of unmeasured confounding with external data: a real world comparative effectiveness study in osteoporosis”
Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety
David Kahle, James Stamey, Fanni Natanegara, Karen Price, and Baoguang Han
"Facilitated Prior Elicitation with the Wolfram CDF"
Biometrics and Biostatistics: An International Journal
Austin L. Hand, John A. Scott, Phil D. Young, James D. Stamey, and Dean M. Young
"Bayesian adaptive two-stage design for determining person-time in Phase II clinical trials with Poisson data"
Journal of Applied Statistics
Paul Faya, John W. Seaman, Jr., and James D. Stamey
"Bayesian assurance and sample size determination in the process validation life-cycle"
Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics
Steven G. Driese, Zheng-Hua Li, Hai Cheng, Jane L. Harvill, and Justin Sims
"High-resolution rainfall records for middle and late Holocene based on speleothem annual UV fluorescent layers integrated with stable isotopes and U/Th dating, Raccoon Mountain Cave, Tennessee, USA"
Geological Society of America Special Papers
Phil D. Young, Jane L. Harvill, and Dean M. Young
"A derivation of the multivariate singular skew-normal density function"
Statistics & Probability Letters
Joshua D. Patrick, Jane L. Harvill, and Clifford W. Hansen
"A semiparametric spatio-temporal model for solar irradiance data"
Renewable Energy
Ashley N. Anderson, Joshua M. Browning, Joey Comeaux, Amanda S. Hering, and Douglas Nychka
"A comparison of automated statistical quality control methods for error detection in historical radiosonde temperatures"
International Journal of Climatology
Marvin L. King, Amanda S. Hering, and Oscar M. Aguilar
"Building predictive models of counterinsurgent deaths using robust clustering and regression"
The Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation
Karen Kazor, Ryan W. Holloway, Tzahi Y. Cath, and Amanda S. Hering
"Comparison of linear and nonlinear dimension reduction techniques for automated process monitoring of a decentralized wastewater treatment facility"
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment
Amy Kenwell, Alexis Navarre-Sitchler, Rodrigo Prugue, John R. Spear, Amanda S. Hering, Reed M. Maxwell, Rosemary W.H. Carroll, and Kenneth H. Williams
"Using geochemical indicators to distinguish high biogeochemical activity in floodplain soils and sediments"
Science of the Total Environment
Timo Lohmann, Amanda S. Hering, and Steffen Rebennack
"Spatio-temporal hydro forecasting of multireservoir inflows for hydro-thermal scheduling"
European Journal of Operational Research
David J. Kahle, Phil D. Young, Brandi A. Greer, and Dean M. Young
"Confidence Intervals for the Ratio of Two Poisson Rates Under One-Way Differential Misclassification Using Double Sampling"
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis
Joon Jin Song and Jong-Min Kim
"Bayesian Estimation of Rare Sensitive Attribute"
Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation
Thomas L. Andre, Joshua J. Gann, Sarah K. McKinley-Barnard, Joon J. Song, and Darryn S. Willoughby
"Eight Weeks of Phosphatidic Acid Supplementation in Conjunction with Resistance Training Does Not Differentially Affect Body Composition and Muscle Strength in Resistance-Trained Men"
Journal of Sports Science & Medicine
M.A. Faucher, M. Hasting-Tolsma, J.J. Song, D.S. Willoughby, and S. Gerding Bader
"Gestational weight gain and preterm birth in obese women: a systematic review and meta-analysis"
BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gary E. Stinchcomb, Lee C. Nordt, Steven G. Driese, William E. Lukens, Forrest C. Williamson, and Jack D. Tubbs
"A data-driven spline model designed to predict paleoclimate using paleosol geochemistry"
American Journal of Science
Lee Nordt, Jack Tubbs, and Steven Dworkin
"Stable carbon isotope record of terrestrial organic materials for the last 450Mayr"
Earth-Science Reviews
Phil D. Young, Dean M. Young, and Songthip T. Ounpraseuth
"A comparison of two linear discriminant analysis methods that use block monotone missing training data"
Open Journal of Statistics
Kent R. Riggs, Phil D. Young, and Dean M. Young
"Confidence Ellipsoids for the Primary Regression Coefficients in Two Seemingly Unrelated Regression Models"
Statistical Methodology
Phil D. Young and Dean M. Young
"Characterizations of Chi-square Generating Covariance Structures for a Normally Distributed Random Vector"
Sankhya A


Authors and Title Journal
Wenqi Wu, James Stamey, and David Kahle
"A Bayesian Approach to Account for Misclassification and Overdispersion in Count Data"
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
James D. Stamey, Daniel P. Beavers, and Michael E. Sherr
"Bayesian Analysis and Design for Joint Modeling of Two Binary Responses With Misclassification"
Sociological Methods & Research
Joshua Patrick, Jane Harvill, and Justin Sims
"Spline-backfitted kernel forecasting for functional-coefficient autoregressive models"
Karen Kazor and Amanda S. Hering
"Assessing the Performance of Model-Based Clustering Methods in Multivariate Time Series with Application to Identifying Regional Wind Regimes"
Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics
Scott D. Goddard, Marc G. Genton, Amanda S. Hering, and Stephan R. Sain
"Evaluating the impacts of climate change on diurnal wind power cycles using multiple regional climate models: CLIMATE CHANGE IMPACT ON DIURNAL WIND POWER"
Moreno Bevilacqua, Amanda S. Hering, and Emilio Porcu
"On the Flexibility of Multivariate Covariance Models: Comment on the Paper by Genton and Kleiber"
Statistical Science
Laura E. Condon, Amanda S. Hering, and Reed M. Maxwell
"Quantitative assessment of groundwater controls across major US river basins using a multi-model regression algorithm"
Advances in Water Resources
Karen Kazor and Amanda S. Hering
"The role of regimes in short-term wind speed forecasting at multiple wind farms"
Amanda S. Hering, Karen Kazor, and William Kleiber
"A Markov-Switching Vector Autoregressive Stochastic Wind Generator for Multiple Spatial and Temporal Scales"
Sally  P. Weaver and Jeanne Hill
"Academician Attitudes and Beliefs Regarding the Use of Hospitalists: A CERA Study"
Family Medicine
Justin P. Zachariah, Catherine J. McNeal, Laurel A. Copeland, Ying Fang-Hollingsworth, Eileen Stock, FangFang Sun, Joon Jin Song, Sean T. Gregory, Jeffrey O. Tom, Eric A. Wright, Jeffrey J. VanWormer, and Andrew E. Cassidy-Bushrow
"Temporal trends in lipid screening and therapy among youth from 2002 to 2012"
Journal of Clinical Lipidology
Catherine J. McNeal, Justin Zachariah, Laurel Copeland, Sean Gregory, Joon Jin Song, Ying Fang-Hollingsworth, and FangFang Sun
"Temporal Trends in Lipid Screening for Familial Hypercholesterolemia in Youth"
Journal of Clinical Lipidology
Catherine McNeal, Andrea Cassidy, Ying Fang-Hollingsworth, Joon Jin Song, Sean Gregory, Laurel Copeland, and Justin Zachariah
"Temporal Trends in Statin Therapy for Familial Hypercholesterolemia in U.S. Youth 2002 – 2012"
Journal of Clinical Lipidology