Department of

Statistical Science

Developing well-rounded statisticians through meaningful mentorships, diversified educational experiences, and scholarly research methods and opportunities.


The Department of Statistical Science has two undergraduate programs: the B.S. in Statistics and the minor in Statistics.


We offer two degrees - Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. Recent graduates are employed in coorporations and institutions such as the FDA, USAA, Incyte, Eli Lilly & Co., JPS Hospital, Multiple Myeloma Institute at UAMS, Baylor Research Institute, and the Baylor Heart & Vascular Institute.


We develop statistical theory and methods in high-demand research areas, such as biomedical research, environmental science, and drug development.

News & Events

A multidisciplinary team of statisticians, computer scientists, and environmental engineers, led by Associate Professor Amanda Hering of Baylor University, has received a $1.157 million award from the National Science Foundation. Joint with Colorado School of Mines, a novel, introductory data science course and undergraduate summer research program will be designed to motivate students early in their academic studies to pursue careers in data science by connecting them with authentic projects and stakeholders. The data-rich industry of water and wastewater treatment (W/WWT) will provide an extensive portfolio of tractable projects. Although data are easy to collect and abundant in the W/WWT industry, methods of monitoring, maintenance, and sensor calibration lag behind the state-of-the-art. This project will produce the next generation of data scientists who are ready to fill “mid-level” data science positions and will help W/WWT facility operators reduce costs and improve water quality by utilizing the information in their data.
Hering Award
This award is given for significant and outstanding contributions to the environmental statistical and quantitative research as proved by the number and quality of publications in the statistical literature. She has strong interdisciplinary connections with other scientific communities, especially with respect to important environmental problems. She is also the recipient of highly-rated, externally-funded research projects. She has had long-term involvement with the Environmetrics community, together with being an Associate Editor for the Environmetrics journal.
Joint Statistical Meeting
We had in informal meeting of current Baylor faculty and students at the Joint Statistical Meeting in Denver recently. The alums traveled in from Washington, DC, Los Angeles, CA and numerous spots in between. It was great seeing everyone there!