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In addition to their original research projects, the fellows are required to prepare at least one publishable sports physical therapy case report and at least one publishable musculoskeletal imaging case report.

Class of 2015

  • Mason JS, Tansey KA, Westrick RB,  Treatment of subacute posterior knee pain in an adolescent ballet dancer utilizing trigger point dry needling: a case report, IJSPT, February 2014

Class of 2013

  • Dembowski SD, Westrick RB, Zylstra E, Johnson MR, Treatment of Hamstring Strain in a Collegiate Pole Vaulter Integrating Dry Needling with an Eccentric Training Program: A Resident's Case Report, IJSPT, June 2013
  • Garrison M, Westrick RB, Johnson MR, Morel-Levalle Lesion of the Lumbar Region, JOSPT, March 2014
  • Shepard NP, Westrick RB, Owens BD, Johnson MR, Bony Avulsion Injury of the Pectoralis Major in a 19-Year-Old Male Judo Athlete: A Case Report, IJSPT, December 2013
  • Shepard NP, Westrick RB, Johnson MR, Fractures Through the base of the Second and Third Metacarpals, JOSPT, February 2014

Class of 2011

  • Carow SD, Haniuk E, Cameron KL, DiStefano L, Marshall SW, De La Motte S, Beutler A, Padua DA, Gerber JP, Risk of Lower Extremity Injury in a Military Cadet Population Following a Supervised Injury Prevention Program, J Athl Trng, Accepted July 2013 (JAT0125-12R2)
  • Diebal AR, Westrick RB, Alitz C, Gerber JP, Lisfranc Injury in a West Point Cadet, Sports Health, February 2013
  • Diebal AR, Gregory R, Alitz C, Gerber JP, Forefoot Running Improves Pain and Disability Associated with Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome, AJSM, March 2012
  • Diebal AR, Gregory R, Alitz C, Gerber JP, Effects of Forefoot Running on Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome: A Case Series, IJSPT, Dec 2011
  • Miller JM, Svoboda SJ, Gerber JP, Diagnosis of an Isolated Posterior Malleolar Fracture in a Young Female Military Cadet, IJSPT, April 2012
  • Miller JM, Westrick RB, Diebal AR, Marks C, Gerber JP, Immediate Effects of Lumbopelvic Manipulation and Lateral Gluteal Kinesio Taping on Unilateral Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Case Study, Sports Health (online before print)
  • Miller JM, Gerber JP, Posterior Distal Tibial Fracture in a Military Trainee, JOSPT, August 2011
  • Westrick RB, Fogarty BT, Johnson MR, Posterior Labral Tear With a Paralabral Cyst Causing Suprascapular Nerve Compression, JOSPT, July 2013 ***
  • Westrick RB, Diebal AR, Gerber JP, Dorsal Triquetrum Fracture, JOSPT, April 2012
  • Westrick RB, Miller JM, Carow SD, Gerber JP, Exploration of the Y-Balance Test for Assessment of Upper Quarter Closed Kinetic Chain Performance, IJSPT, April 2012 -- 2013 APTA Sports Section - IJSPT, Achievement of Distinction - Outstanding Research Manuscript Excellence Award
  • Westrick RB, Zylstra E, Issa T, Gerber JP, Evaluation and Treatment of Musculoskeletal Chest Wall Pain in a Military Athlete, IJSPT, June 2012
  • Westrick RB, Duffy ML, Cameron KL, Gerber JP, Owens BD, Isometric Shoulder Strength Reference Values for Physically Active Collegiate Males and Females, Sports Health, January 2013
  • Roach CJ, Cameron KL, Westrick RB, Posner MA, Owens BD, Rotator Cuff Weakness is Not a Risk Factor for First-Time Anterior Glenohumeral Instability, Orth J Sports Med, 2013 ***
  • Thiess JL, Fink ML, Gerber JP, Deep Vein Thrombosis in a Young Marathon Athlete, JOSPT, December 2011
  • Thiess JL, Gerber JP, Cameron KL, Beutler A, Marshall SW, DiStefano L, Miller JM, Yunker CA, Jump-Landing Differences Between Varsity, Club, and Intramural Athletes: The JUMP-ACL Study, J Strength Cond Res,  April 2014

Class of 2009

  • Clark RC, Saxion CE, Cameron KL, Gerber JP, Associations Between Three Clinical Assessment Tools for Postural Stability, NAJSPT, September 2010
  • Gill N, Mason B, Gerber J, Lateral Abdominal Muscle Symmetry in Collegiate Single-Sided Rowers, IJSPT, February 2012
  • Iveson BD, McLaughlin SL, Todd RH, Gerber JP, Reliability and Exploration of the Side-Lying Thoraco-Lumbar Rotation Measurement (STRM), NAJSPT, December 2010

Class of 2007

  • Dauber JA, Naspinsky SR, Radial Head Fracture Following a Fall, JOSPT, January 2010 ***
  • Loro WA, Owens B, Unilateral Hypoglossal Nerve Injury in a Collegiate Wrestler: A Case Report, J Athl Train, Sep-Oct 2009
  • Thelen MD, Dauber JA, Stoneman PD, The Clinical Efficacy of Kinesio Tape for Shoulder Pain: A Randomized, Double-blinded, Clinical Trial, JOSPT, 2008
  • Thelen MD, Identification of High-risk Anterior Tibial Stress Fracture, JOSPT, December 2010 ***

Class of 2005

  • Fink MD, Stoneman PD, Deep Vein Thrombosis in an Athletic Military Cadet, JOSPT, 2006
  • Lehr ME, Plisky PJ, Butler RJ, Fink ML, Kiesel KB, Underwood FB, Field Expedient Screening and Injury Risk Algorithm Categories as Predictors of Noncontact Lower Extremity Injury, Scand J Med Sci Sports, Mar 2013 ***
  • Johnson MR, Stoneman PD, Comparison of a Lateral Hop Test Versus a Forward Hop Test for Functional Evaluation of Lateral Ankle Sprains, J Foot Ankle Surg, May 2007
  • Johnson MR, Fogarty BT, Alitz CA, Gerber JP, Non-FOOSH Scaphoid Fractures in Young Athletes, Sports Health, March 2013
  • Karsteter PA, Yunker C, Recognition and Management of an Orbital Blowout Fracture in an Amateur Boxer, JOSPT, Aug 2006
  • Vath SA, Owens PD, Stoneman PD, Insidious Onset of Shoulder Girdle Weakness, JOSPT, Mar 2007

Class of 2003

  • Knapik JJ, Hauret KG, Arnold S, Canham-Chervak M, Mansfield AJ, Hoedebecke EL, McMillian DJ, Injury and Fitness Outcomes During Implementation of Physical Readiness Training, Int J Sports Med, Jul 2003
  • McMillian DJ, Moore JH, Hatler BS, Dynamic vs Static Stretching Warm-up: the Effect on Power and Agility Performance, J Strengh Cond Res, 2006 ***
  • Moore JH, McMillian DJ, Rosenthal MD, Weishaar MD, Risk Determination for Patients with Direct Access to Physical Therapy in Military Health Care Facilities, JOSPT, 2005
  • Rosenthal MD, McMillian DJ, Hamstring Strain Rehabilitation: A Functional stepwise approach for return to sports, Part I, Athletic Therapy Today, 2003
  • Rosenthal MD, McMillian DJ, Hamstring Strain Rehabilitation: A Functional Stepwise Approach for Return to Sports, Part II, Athletic Therapy Today, 2004
  • Rosenthal MD, Moore JH, DeBerardino TM, Diagnosis of Medial Knee Pain: Atypical Stress Fracture About the Knee Joint, JOSPT, 2006 ***
  • Rosenthal MD, Clinical Testing for Extraarticular Lateral Knee Pain: Modification of Traditional Tests, NAJSPT, 2008 ***
  • Rosenthal MD, Moore JH, Stoneman PD, DeBerardino TM, Neuromuscular Excitability changes in the Vastus Medialis Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction, Electomyography and Clin Neurophys, 2009 ***
  • Rosenthal MD, Differential Diagnosis of Shoulder Pain Followed by Progressive Weakness: A Case Report, JSOM, 2009 ***
  • Rosenthal MD, Provencher MT, Acute Bony Bankart Lesion and Surgical Fixation, JOSPT, 2009 ***
  • Weishaar MD, McMillian DM, Moore JH, Identification and Management of 2 Femoral Shaft Stress Injuries, JOSPT, October 2005

Class of 2001

  • Moore JH, Goss DL, Baxter RE, Deberardino TM, Mansfield LT, Fellows DW, Taylor DC, Clinical Diagnostic Accuracy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Patients Referred by Physical Therapists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, and Nonorthopaedic Providers, JOSPT, Feb 2005 ---Recipient of the 2003 Sports Physical Therapy Section Excellence in Research Award
  • Baxter RE, Moore JH, Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute Exertional Rhabdomyolysis, JOSPT, 2003
  • Baxter RE, Moore JH, Pendergrass TL, Crowder TA, Lynch S, Improvement in Sit-up Performance Associated with 2 Different Training Regimens, JOSPT, 2003

*** indicates publications written (or co-authored) after completing the sports program