Enneagram for Leadership

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So you want to dig into the Enneagram? You're in the right place.
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Welcome to the Enneagram for Leadership program at the Garland School of Social Work. Whether you are new to the Enneagram or seeking to dive more deeply into its teachings, you have come to the right place.

The Enneagram is an ancient symbol with modern implications for spiritual formation, including discerning vocation in various role and relationships. The symbol and its teachings have been popularized as a personality tool, but the implications are far more significant.

The Center for Church and Community Impact (C3I) is partnering with Dr. Jon Singletary to provide a certificate program and mentoring opportunity for people interested in the Enneagram as a resource for teaching, mentoring, ministry, and leadership.

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The program offers three levels of workshops that:

  • begin with basic information about the Enneagram
  • then developing a more in-depth knowledge base of how the Enneagram works and what it means in our life, and
  • finally fostering the development of Enneagram wisdom in learning to apply this resource as part of our life and leadership.

The third level asks participants to identify a setting where they will use the Enneagram to teach and guide others. At each level, the program seeks to encourage introspective reflection and foster relationships.

The intermediate workshops will be offered on a rotating basis in person beginning in Fall 2021. The advanced workshops of the training program would officially begin in Spring 2022.

Workshops can be purchased individually or as part of a package. The complete certificate package cost is $1200. See below for individual course costs. All courses are facilitated by Dr. Singletary.


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The Basic Workshop is focused on learning the basics of the Enneagram and is designed to help participants identify their core number. It includes a brief overview of the meaning of the Enneagram as a tool for self-awareness and spiritual growth, and it introduces the three Enneagram centers of human functioning that provide the foundation of the Enneagram.

This will be a three-hour workshop offered 2-3 times annually, with some online in summer 2021 and in-person beginning in fall 2021.

Each participant is expected to attend a Basic Workshop in order to enroll in Intermediate Workshops. These workshops will cost $65/course.

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Three Intermediate Workshops will be for people more explicitly interested in the certificate. Others may sign up and attend without committing to the certificate program. Participation in each of the three core intermediate workshops is required for the certificate.

These Enneagram Knowledge workshops focus on more in-depth Enneagram knowledge and the development of spiritual practices to foster discernment and nurture self-awareness. They will highlight topics such as the passions/fixations, arrows, triads and stances. Additional Intermediate Workshops will address organizational/leadership topics such as leadership development, planning, and social change strategy.

  • Intermediate I Workshop is focused on centers
  • Intermediate II Workshop is focused on passions
  • Intermediate III Workshop is focused on arrows

Intermediates will be offered in person in fall 2021 and spring 2022. They will be four hours in length. Cost will be $150/course.

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Advanced Workshops will be offered in spring 2022 and will focus on integrating content from the Intermediate Workshops with attention given to spirituality, teaching and leadership development, with both a personal and professional focus. These workshops are designed to be in-person. Participants will develop personal goals and plans for using the Enneagram, develop spiritual practices to deepen their self-awareness, and model teaching and planning with the group.

There is more extensive pre-planning and follow-up for each, and the in-person sessions will be eight hours in length. Cost will be $300/course.

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