Opinion Pieces from Partners

The writings below are from current students, alumni, and Baylor University faculty and staff on topics within social work that impact congregations and communities:


Texas: Social Workers can refuse services to LGBTQ, Disabled By: Erin Albin Hill 


Congregations and social work: Moving into the unexpected By: Julianna Marraccino

From disorientation to reorientation: Turning forced isolation into Sabbath experiences By: Julia Wallace

Local coalitions need congregations: A call to action By: Rachel Gillespie 

Seeing the unexpected: Connected congregations and social work By: Julianna Marraccino 

Social Distancing as an act of sacred mercy By: Erin Albin Hill

Race Relations

After MLK Day and Black History Month, now what? By: Julianna Marraccino

Spiritual Formation

Bigger: The sanctuary of nature and the presence of God. 

Discovering your community through the practice of the labyrinth By: Rachel Gillespie

Love your neighbors but don't forget God and yourself By: Jackie Murphy

Naked and Ashamed: American Christianity's purity culture and embodiment in the Church By: Alice Fry

Spiritual Formation: One Season at a Time By: Dr. Gaynor Yancey

Where is Home for You? By: Dr. Gaynor Yancey


Grief, the holidays, and the Church By: Julia Wallace

Spiritual Care and First Responders: Why Bother? By: Heath Holland

Spiritual Trauma and Congregations: A Missing Link By: Jess Gregory

What Collective Trauma Teaches Congregations By: Erin Albin Hill

Why All Congregational Ministry Should be Trauma Ministry By: Erin Albin Hill