Baylor Resources

For your convenience, below are direct links to additional Baylor resources you may need throughout your MSW program. 

Academic and Student Support Services

Student Health and Welfare

Student Health & Welfare pulls together various units that provide programs and services designed to encourage and support healthy lifestyles for students as they clarify personal values and identity, establish sound interpersonal relationships, and grow intellectually as they learn to utilize their strengths, explore influences on their lives, and consider opportunities to have a positive impact on the world around them.  More information can be found on Baylor University's Student Health & Welfare website.


In addition to the services available to students through the Baylor University Counseling Center, graduate students are also eligible to access additional services through ComPsych, a 3rd-party provider. ComPsych offers free and confidential resources, assessments, counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to graduate students to support their personal and professional life. Baylor University provides all these resources for free to graduate students including those at the main campus, extension sites, and online. Once registered, you can access useful information, interactive materials, and services at any time either online or via the mobile app.

Click here to learn more about the services Baylor offers through ComPsych

Baylor University Writing Center

The University Writing Center (UWC) offers free personal consulting in all areas of writing and composing at any stage of the writing process. Whether you want a reader for a final draft, to brainstorm ideas, or to discuss an entire assignment, the UWC can help.

Because everyone writes differently, they tailor their support to meet each writer's needs. They take the approach that writing benefits from feedback and response, so the UWC is a place for dialogue and conversation. They will take the time to talk about your writing so that you can become a better writer, reviewer, and editor of your own work.

the staff at the UWC are qualified readers of print-based, digital, and new media compositions. Some of the print-based documents we review include academic essays, research papers, lab reports, literature reviews, job applications, proposals, personal statements, resumes, and CVs. 

They offer three types of consultations at the UWC. Click on any of the following hyperlinks for more information:

Any student, faculty, or staff member is welcomed to schedule an appointment using our online scheduler ( For more information on how to schedule your online appointment now, visit the Schedule an Appointment page.

Library Support

Baylor University Library provides you access to a wealth of virtual resources, including electronic databases for research. For more information on accessing library services and resources, visit the Library Homepage. The library has also created a great tool for remote learning. This guide will help you discover library research and instructional support resources that are available when you aren't able to visit the Baylor Libraries.

Keep Learning: Remote Access to Library Research, Services and Instruction