The MSW Program Manager conducts academic advising for the purposes of creating and maintaining an educational plan that helps students identify and register for social work courses. Advisement is recommended but not required for registration. You might find it helpful to download your suggested degree plan template and map out a plan for fulfilling the requirements of your degree. 

Registration Quick Links

Check to see if you have any holds that will prevent you from registering. This information is available on BearWeb. Please refer to Baylor University's policy Right to Withhold Transcripts and/or Block Registration.

The department that has placed a hold on your account is the department you will need to contact in order to have the hold lifted. 

Course Numbering System

The numbers applied to each course indicate level, semester hours of credit, and departmental codes. The first digit in the number indicates the level. A 4000-level course does not confer graduate credit unless it appears in this catalog, Graduate Program section, or the Graduate or Truett Catalog. The second digit in the number indicates the value in graduate credit hours. Thus, “3” as a second digit indicates three credit hours. The last two digits are reserved for departmental use.

Variable Hour Courses

Any course with a "V" in the title (for example, SWO 5V80) may be set up as a fixed-hour or variable hour course. If the course is not set up for a fixed number of credit hours, it will default to one hour in the registration system. You must then manually select the number of hours for which you intend to register. Log into BearWeb and select Student Academic Services / Registration / Change Variable Hours and follow the instructions.

You can register online through BearWeb for only one 5V80 course per term. For each subsequent 5V80 course, you’ll need to complete an Add/Drop form, scan, and email it to the MSW Program Manager for signatures and processing through the Registrar's Office.

Course Load

The maximum number of semester hours for which a Social Work master’s student may register in a given semester is 18. No more than 9 MSW course semester hours may be taken in either of the two summer sessions. Complete the Petition Form for Course Overload to request an exception.

Registering for Truett Courses

Social work students who have not been admitted to Truett Seminary cannot register for Seminary courses online through BearWeb. Please download and complete an Add/Drop form. You’ll then need to take it (or scan and email) to for signature and further instructions.

MSW Petition Forms
Please note: While the Garland School of Social Work provides resources to support and advise students throughout their degree program, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to ensure they are registered for the appropriate courses and sections in order to progress through their degree program at their preferred pace.