The Center for Church and Community Impact (C3I)

Initially called The Center for Family and Community Ministries, C3I is entering its second decade of providing research and hands-on training to congregations, denominational agencies and religiously affiliated organizations that bridge the divide between church and community.

At the Center for Church and Community Impact (C3I), we aim to discover how the invisible struggles of our lives such as but not limited to stress, mental health concerns, trauma, loneliness, and addiction affect our communities and the congregations serving them. Learn more about our work with trauma and congregations here.

C3I has a nationwide network of consultation with congregations, social service providers, and faith-based non-profits. By leveraging the assets of a Research One university, C3I cultivates knowledge through cutting-edge research, while providing hands-on coaching and practical resources aimed at strengthening congregations’ organizational capacity to nurture faith and sustain community change. At our core, we aim to teach congregations how to measure their impact in positively creating change alongside their communities.

MISSION: The Center for Church and Community Impact exists to strengthen congregations as they engage with their communities at the intersection of faithful witness and community transformation. 

C3I engages the following research and practice areas to discover the impact of congregations engaging with and serving their communities...