Walking Alongside Curriculum

Is your church ready to explore more deeply how to be family and neighbor to one another?

If so, we're ready to walk alongside you in that journey.

Often understaffed and overwhelmed by the needs of our current members, most churches do well just to make the hospital visits and the casseroles for those whom we know. Our "neighbors," though, are all around us, not just in our pews.

The Garland School of Social Work offers a multitude of resources designed to help you individually and as a church to think about these questions:

Who is my neighbor?
What is my responsibility toward my neighbor?
What is my church's responsibility?
How have others responded & what does that teach us?
What do scriptures tell me about my neighbor & what my response should be?
How does that affect me? What can I do?
What can my church do?

Walking Alongside is a rich resource of materials to help you begin, strengthen or sustain the community ministries of your congregation. Resources are available in the following formats:

Garland School undergraduate and graduate students who have identified working with congregations as their specific calling are involved in research, writing curriculum and other resource materials and in presentations at churches and professional conferences. Students have also engaged in semester-long field internships in specific churches, joining in existing or beginning new community ministry projects. 

As part of the Strengthening Congregational Community Ministries grant, Dr. Gaynor Yancey, Professor of Church and Community with the School of Social Work, teaches the Urban Ministries Class as an elective in the fall semester at George W. Truett Theological Seminary.