Articles About CSA

Academic publications

Chaves, M., and Garland, D. R. (2009). "The Prevalence of Clergy Sexual Advances towards Adults in Their Congregations." Journal of the Scientific Study of Religion, 48(4), 817-824.

Garland, D. R., and Argueta, C. A. (2010). "How clergy sexual misconduct happens: A qualitative study of first-hand accounts." Social Work and Christianity, 37(1), 1-27.

Garland, D. R. (2006). Wolves in shepherd's clothing: Helping women survive clergy sexual abuse. Social Work and Christianity, 33(1), 1-35.

Garland, D. R., and Argueta, C. A. (2011). Unholy touch: When church leaders commit acts of sexual misconduct with adults. In The church leader's resource book for mental health and social problems. New York: Oxford University Press.

Here are links to other publications of interest:

Bathsheba and David: A story of abuse and survival. By David and Diana Garland and published in 2007 in Family and Community Ministries, this article explores the dynamics of abuse of power and survival in this biblical story.

Dual Relationships when Clergy Counsel Congregants.By Jessica A Justice and Diana Garland. This article explores the complexity of the dual relationship created when religious leaders counsel those in their congregation.

Ministerial Ethics: A Covenant of Trust A Baptist General Convention of Texas Christian Life Commission website booklet that includes a section on sexual abuse and concludes with a sample Covenant of Ministerial Ethics for both ministers and churches to use in committing to each other.