Community Partnerships

We prepare social workers to serve in a wide range of public and private settings, from schools and hospitals, to prisons and foundations, with a diverse group of human service organizations in between. This preparation for service is enriched by partnerships throughout the community.

BEAR Partnership

The Garland School of Social Work and Baylor University is committed to working alongside our community. GSSW faculty are actively involved in a research project and partnership with Waco ISD. The Be Emotionally Aware and Responsive (BEAR) Project seeks to engage schools and families in the development of internal and external emotional resources that will contribute to the social and academic success of our children and strengthen our schools, families, and community.

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Health Care Partnerships

Currently, the Garland School of Social Work is engaged in two significant health care research projects. One project in collaboration with the Family Health Center will explore the association between children’s loss and grief and a diagnosis of ADHD. The second partnership is led by Dr. Helen Harris of the GSSW, Dr. Joyce Nunner, FCS and Dr. Bill Hoy, Medica Humanities. The team will develop, test, and launch a comprehensive self-efficacy bereavement assessment and bereavement psychoeducational materials and referrals for hospice families, medical providers for peri-natal death, and other grief and bereavement service providers.

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