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Research at the #GSSW

The Garland School of Social Work is committed to pursuing a full agenda of research and publication, not only to add to the body of knowledge for our profession but to provide opportunities for our students to participate in this important learning exercise. Our faculty members are prolific in their production, especially around the strength of the School - the integration of faith and practice.


Research Clusters and Publications
Topics of the school's recent publications are organized into the eight research clusters.

Faculty Directory
Click through to learn more about the full array of each faculty member's research interests.

Providing Resources
We are also committed to finding and sharing resources for students, teachers, agencies, congregations and others to use across a number of disciplines and for a number of ministries and/or research projects.

Faculty/Alumni Collaborations
Our faculty and alumni continually collaborate on projects and ideas to ensure the continuation of practice-informed research and research-informed practice. View our recent collaborations and publications.


Recent Research Activities

Dr. Boddie:  Professor awarded grant to support ethnographic research in today’s African American church

Dr. Parrish:  Practical Implementation in Social Work Practice A Guide to Engaging in Evidence-Based Practice, 1st Edition

Dr. Polson:  Worshipping across the color lines

Dr. Lemmons:  Game Changers: A Critical Race Theory Analysis of the Economic, Social, and Political Factors Impacting Black Fatherhood and Family Formation

Dr. Polson:  Effects of Worshipping in Multi-ethnic Congregations on Whites

Dr. Parrish:  Evidence-based practice: A common definition matters

Dr. Oxhandler:  Client attitudes toward integrating religion and spirituality in mental health treatment

Dr. Dickey:  Video Lecture: Saviors or Servants?: Listening to Kenyan Experiences of Missionaries and Volunteers