Jocelyn Shealy McGee

PhD, Clinical Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasedena, California
MSG, Baylor University
BA in Psychology, Baylor University
Full Curriculum Vitae
Professional Credentials
Licensed Psychologist
National Certification as a Health Service Provider in Psychology
Research Interests
  • Contemplative Science
  • Culture and Diversity
  • Positive Aging
  • Human Flourishing
  • Spiritual Diversity
Selected Publications

McGee, J. S., Myers, D. R., Meraz, R. L., & Davie, M. (2021). Caring for a family member with early stage Alzheimer's disease: Caregiver perceptions, connections, and relational dynamics with the sacred. Journal of Religion, Spirituality & Aging.

McGee, J. S., Meraz, R., Myers, D. R. & Davie, M. R. (2020). Telehealth services for persons with chronic lower respiratory disease and their informal caregivers in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Practice Innovations, 5(2), 165-177.

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Dr. Jocelyn McGee is an assistant professor and social work educator for the Garland School of Social Work. She received a PhD in clinical psychology from the School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary (APA Accredited), an MA in psychology from Fuller, and an MS in gerontology from Baylor University. Postdoctoral Fellowships were completed at Baylor College of Medicine in clinical neuropsychology (APPCN Accredited) and at Stanford in geropsychology research. She is a licensed psychologist in Texas with a specialty in neuropsychology. In 2018, she was acknowledged for her contributions to the field of aging by the Behavioral and Social Sciences Section of Gerontological Society of America (GSA).  

Dr. McGee has had a lifelong interest in spiritual diversity, culture and human flourishing from an interdisciplinary international perspective. Most of her research and clinical work to date has emphasized issues related to aging, family caregiving, health and wellbeing. She has worked with persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other complex chronic health conditions, orphans and their guardians in rural villages in Malawi, Africa, and mental health providers in Haiti. She is particularly interested in empowering women across the lifespan in their diverse cultures and communities—and as such developed expertise in community-based participatory research as well as arts-based methodologies for cultivating resilience.

Contemplative practices have been particularly important to Dr. McGee as a path toward her own healing, health, and wholeness after loss. She practices centering prayer, mindfulness meditation, and several forms of movement meditation. She is a Veriditas trained Labyrinth Facilitator. She believes that integrating contemplative practices and other methods of first-person inquiry into social work education can be transformative potentially leading to increased self-awareness, sensitive clinical and community practice, and compassionate efforts towards social justice.

Jocelyn and her husband Scott (who is a professional photographer) have been married since 2017. They enjoy hanging out with their “fur babies” (Sophie and Sunny Lion), being in nature, traveling, and collaborating on PhotoVoice projects together.