Field Instructor - A social worker who possesses the BSW or MSW degree from an accredited school of social work; for Generalist Practice placements has at least one year post-BSW or MSW professional practice; for Advanced Practice as at least two years post-MSW professional practice. The Field Instructor is in good standing as a social worker in the state in which he/she practices. The Field Instructor supports the intern in developing the learning contract, instructs the intern in integrating theory, values and practice and, when possible, also, supervises the day-to-day activities of the intern.

Task Supervisor - An employee of a Field agency who provides day-to-day supervision of a social work intern when the agency does not have a BSW or MSW staff to provide supervision of the social work intern.

Field Liaison - Seminar faculty member for internship course. The Liaison provides the primary linkage between the Garland School of Social Work and the Field agency. The Liaison contributes to the development of the student’s learning contract; focuses on monitoring the student's educational progress and performance; consistently maintains a working relationship between the student, School, and the Field agency; and is responsible for the final Field grade.

Field Education Advisory Council - Composed of the Directors of Field Education, social work faculty members, at least three Field Instructors, and student representatives; advises Field Education office and academic programs on matters such as policies and procedures, planning of special programs and events for Field faculty, and recommends Field awards.

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