Field Education

For many students, the Field Education component of the BSW and MSW degree requirements is a turning point -- one in which passion to serve specific populations is first realized or further heightened. Field is considered the signature pedagogy of social work education.

An average of more than 100 students are placed into area service agencies each year. Field internships provide the opportunity to apply knowledge to work with clients and the systems that impact them. Join us and make a difference.

Placements are available in:
    • public agencies
    • private agencies
    • local hospitals
    • congregations
    • children's homes of different denominations
Fields of interest include:
    • counseling
    • children's services
    • services to the homeless and poor
    • international social work
    • services to refugees and immigrants
    • grief and hospice services
    • mental health
    • congregational social work
    • gerontology
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