Doctoral Faculty Research Interests

Helen Harris
  • Grief and Cognition in Children
  • Grief and Cognition in Adults
  • Loss and Grief
  • Effectiveness of On-line Education
  • Current Applications of the Work of Alan Keith-Lucas
  • Faith and Adoption

Elissa Madden
  • Child Welfare (Foster Care)
  • Adoption (Public and Domestic)
  • Child and Family Mental Health
  • Use of Service Learning in Social Work Education

Dennis Myers
  • Adult Child and Parent Relationships
  • Leadership of Senior Living Environments
  • Social Work and Long-term Care
  • Older Adults and Poverty
  • Volunteerism in Later Life
  • Family Caregiving
  • Leadership of Social Work Education Programs
  • Social Work with Developmental Disabilities

Holly Oxhandler
  • Religion and Spirituality in Clinical Practice
  • Evidence-Based Practice Process
  • Scale Development
  • Mental Health (Primarily Anxiety and Depression)
  • Older Adults
  • Mentoring and Professional Development

Edward C. Polson
  • Civil Society
  • Organizations
  • Religion
  • Diversity
  • Civic Engagement

David Pooler
  • Professional Ethics and Professional Development of Social Workers
  • Professional Functioning and Impairment of Social Workers
  • Organizational Development
  • Organizational Leadership and Change; Organizational Justice

Rob Rogers
  • Family Literacy
  • Workforce Development
  • Administration of Human Services
  • Program Evaluation

Laine Scales
  • Social Welfare History
  • Settlement Houses (Historical and Contemporary)
  • Baptists and Social Work (Historical)
  • Doctoral Education as a Process for Formation

Jon Singletary
  • Strengthening Congregational Community Ministries
  • Community Development
  • Advocacy and Social Justice

Gaynor Yancey
  • Church and Community Ministries
  • Congregational Social Work
  • Community Organizing and Development
  • Religiously Affiliated Organizations
  • Social Welfare History & Policy
  • Organizational Administration, Organization, and Development
  • Poverty