How to Apply

Students interested in pursuing a BSW begin as pre-social work until they are admitted to the major. Applications are accepted each spring, and students are encouraged to submit their application in the spring of sophomore year. Information regarding application materials and deadlines are sent to pre-social work students vie email and discussed in SWO 2321. Below is a general outline of steps for applying to the BSW program.

  1. Apply for admission to Baylor University. Start your application here!
  2. Declare pre-social work as your major.
  3. Enroll in SWO 2321 (Introduction to Social Work) in the fall or spring of sophomore year.
  4. Apply to the major in the spring of sophomore year. Click here for admission requirements. 
  5. If admitted, submit a signed copy of the admission agreement. 

Sophomore students who change their major to pre-social work after the course add deadline in the spring may enroll in SWO 2321 in the following semester and apply to the major the next spring.

Undergraduate students who apply to the social work major are candidates for the 5-year program. If a student is admitted to the BSW program, and meets all requirements for entering the graduate program, they are not required to complete a separate application to the graduate program. The student then graduates in 5 years with a BSW and MSW. Students should refer to the MSW catalog for specific admission requirements.

For more information about the BSW program, contact The Office of Enrollment, Career, and Alumni Services at 254-710-6411.

If you are interested in changing your major, contact Rachel Garcia at 254-710-7457.